Information Security

Information Security

Information Security

Products and technologies based on RSA are able to create


  • Echeloned information security system, which will be able to effectively resist inner and outer fraud

Online banking is one of the key corporate banking systems. This service allows a company to reduce total expenses by reducing its own operational costs.

However, high degree of fraud on the current level leads to financial and reputational losses. Fraud can be described by inner (online vulnerability) and outer (data theft by employees) factors. Of course, it is very conditional division because in many cases outer attacks can be prepared by the same organization that experiences cyber attacks. For this reason, RSA offers complex solution, which is not only able to protect certain online banking services, but also to increase protection of a whole organisation.

The solution is made by the following principles:

1 Protection of a website

RSASilverTail is innovative technology of protection for e-commerce applications. The employees of EBay and PayPal companies developed this application to fight with fraud. This application is really easy to use because it is connected to SPAN/TAB (mirrored) hub of the commutator and analyzes HTTP traffic. The system automatically finds out any abnormal user activities, which is an indicator of fraud activity.

  1. Protection of leaks and hacker attacks

The system RSASecurityAnalyticsforPackets archives the whole traffic that is leaving protecting perimeter. As such, it becomes possible to analyze gathered information automatically in order to detect all incidents in information security.

  1. Audit

RSASecurityAnalyticsforLogs (system SIEM) gathers journals of different applications and allows employees that work for information security to find out and respond to the incidents in information security. Our solution to this problem is based on RSA experience and its main customers. This solution allows preventing up to 98% of fraud attempts.

For the preliminary evaluation of our proposed solution, additional information is required:

  • Topology of infrastructure (amount of websites, distance and communication channels between the areas)
  • Amount of users in the security system

“All that is not permitted is forbidden”

Three types of diode:

Classic Diode:

It is seen as the safest diode because all data passes through one direction



Signalling Diode

It sends all data to one direction, but firewall that receives all the packets is able to return a signal to the networks that were previously unattainable.


Control Diode

Control CompuDiode is ideal for the organisations that have different networks, require security, and need to communicate with each other in two ways.

Two individual application layer firewalls give an opportunity to communicate in rigorous, but safe mode.