Transport Networks


Highly effective converged network, which uses dense wave length division multiplexing (DWDM) technology and packet switching IP/MPLS

Use of high speed IP-services, based on the fibre-optic backbone of a new generation. This solution allows “DigiBased” company to provide resource-intensive services. Among these services, there are high-speed internet-access with integrated voice transition, video and information, creation of virtual private networks (VPN) for corporate users, virtual conferences, and also IPTV. Integration of DWDM technology into platform IP/MPLS has allowed to decrease the amount of components being used and reduce energy consumption. Our systems is reliable because it allows us to keep performance of a network in case of number of failures and then, provide full-fledge restoration of nominal network capacity when main channel is out of order. This project is unique in its complexity and use of high-tech solutions that provide simplicity of operation, great reliability, and network scalability. This network provides transport environment for high quality multi services.